Gibson House announces 2017 list

Gibson House Press presents two debut novels this year:  A Girl Called Sidney by Courtney Yasmineh (June 2017) and Undergrowth by Nancy Burke (October 2017).

A Girl Called Sidney by Courtney Yasmineh (June 2017)
Singer songwriter Courtney Yasmineh packs a stormy ballad’s punch and showcases a lyrical style in this affecting first novel. In the late ’70s, teenager Sidney flees Chicago for a rural Minnesota town in the wake of her parents’ disintegrating relationship. Trading one set of struggles for another, Sidney makes it her goal to survive the winter in a remote Northwoods cabin. COURTNEY YASMINEH is a rock musician and singer-songwriter with a rock chick’s frankness, irony, and guts. She has several albums and thousands of road miles to her credit. A Girl Called Sidney is her first novel.

Undergrowth by Nancy Burke (October 2017)
The Amazon rainforests. A remote tribe. The steady encroachment of “civilization.” In this luminous novel, the all-too-human experiences of fear, love and loss become amplified with potentially disastrous consequences. In 1960s Brazil, an indigenous group is on the brink of a tragedy, the dimensions of which they are only beginning to grasp. A small band of disaffected government agents, academics and visionaries is determined to fight for their cause. NANCY BURKE is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois. Her recording of original songs is American Goodbye.  Undergrowth is her first novel.

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