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Gibson House connects literary fiction with curious and discerning readers by fostering and promoting individual writers and their work.

Praise for Conclusion
By Peter Robertson

“[I]n essence a mystery, . . . its SF trappings give it . . . genre-blending appeal. The novel delivers a fascinating exploration of an intriguing question: When death becomes not only inevitable, but something we can plan for years in advance, does it lose its power to terrify, or, alternately, does the known end date carry its own kind of terror? A smart and expertly written story.”

Praise for Simple Machines
By Ian Morris

“A vivid landscape of history and myth enriched by Ian Morris’s signature dark humor and keen eye for observation.”

The Rumpus
Gibson House announces new titles for 2020
New novels by Spodek, Burke, Roche

Gibson House Press, a Chicago-area publisher of literary fiction, has announced its 2020 list of titles. The novels are: “We Have Everything Before Us” by debut author Esther Yin-ling Spodek, “The Cold Last Swim” by composer, musician, and writer Junior Burke, and “The Town Crazy” by Suzzy Roche, a founder of the singing group The Roches. Read More   ›



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