By Peter Robertson

In a remote wilderness, mysterious secrets and sinister forces are unleashed in this heart-pounding literary thriller.

By Peter Robertson

“[I]n essence a mystery, . . . its SF trappings give it . . . genre-blending appeal. The novel delivers a fascinating exploration of an intriguing question: When death becomes not only inevitable, but something we can plan for years in advance, does it lose its power to terrify, or, alternately, does the known end date carry its own kind of terror? A smart and expertly written story.”

— David Pitt, Booklist

“A gripping psychological thriller with intriguing science fiction elements . . . Sometimes moody and atmospheric, at other times pulse-pounding, Conclusion is a slim title that packs an emotional punch.”

— Angela McQuay, Foreword Reviews

“[U]nique thinking mystery/detective book that lets readers ponder what it means to play God with the hope that those in charge know what they’re doing. The book ended spectacularly with lots of surprises. [G]reat . . . for those who like their mystery with a tinge of sci-fi.”

— Andrienne Cruz, librarian at the Azusa City Library, Azusa, California, and member of the LibraryReads board


Colin is scheduled to die. His wife already has. He took the government money and enjoyed his last twenty years in perfect health, never aging a day. With one year left and little to lose, Colin begins a race against time. Can he find out why some people are still alive when they shouldn’t be, and how the woman who enters his life has saved herself from an incurable disease? Colin goes looking for answers and crosses paths with a killer in this tense and thought-provoking tale.

Peter Robertson is the author of the mystery trilogy Permafrost, Mission and Colorblind as well as the mystery/thriller mixed with science fiction novel Conclusion. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, he currently lives in Chicago.

5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ * Fiction/Literary; Fiction/Thriller * October 2019 publication
$16.99 US/$22.99 CAN * ISBN-13: 978-1-948721-04-2 * Original Trade Paperback
Also available in ebook formats

Trade distributor: PGW

Publicity contact: Mary Bisbee-Beek, [email protected]

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