PGW is the new distributor for Gibson House Press

Do you have all of our backlist titles? All backlist, frontlist, and forthcoming Gibson House Press titles are now available from our new distributor, PGW, effective May 1, 2021.

Gibson House Press connects literary fiction with curious and discerning readers. We publish excellent novels written by working musicians and musicians at heart.

Publishers Group West is a top-ten vendor to retailers and wholesalers throughout the industry, selling and distributing books for independent publishers since 1976.

Forthcoming, frontlist, and backlist titles:

Title Author Print ISBN Ebook ISBN
The Sturgeon’s Heart Amy E. Casey 9781948721165 9781948721172
Someone Should Pay for Your Pain Franz Nicolay 9781948721134 9781948721141
NEW IN 2020
The Town Crazy Suzzy Roche 9781948721127 9781948721233
The Cold Last Swim Junior Burke 9781948721103 9781948721110
We Have Everything Before Us Esther Yin-ling Spodek 9781948721080 9781948721097
Conclusion Peter Robertson 9781948721042 9781948721066
Simple Machines Ian Morris 9781948721004 9781948721028
Undergrowth Nancy Burke 9780986154164 9780986154188
A Girl Called Sidney Courtney Yasmineh 9780986154126 9780986154140
The Frost Trilogy Peter Robertson 9781948721158
Colorblind (Book 3: The Frost Trilogy) Peter Robertson 9780985515867 9780985515881
Mission (Book 2: The Frost Trilogy) Peter Robertson 9780985515836 9780985515850
Permafrost (Book 1: The Frost Trilogy) Peter Robertson 9780985515805 9780985515829