Peter Robertson
novelist and author of mystery trilogy

PETER ROBERTSON was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, graduated from the University of East Anglia in the U.K., and came to the U.S. at age 23.

After traveling in the States, he settled in Chicago, where he has been a book and music reviewer for daily papers and magazines, stay-at-home dad, soccer coach, university student, and elementary and middle school teacher. He currently lives in Flossmoor and teaches in Homewood in the Chicago area. An enthusiastic cyclist and guitar player, Robertson is married and the father of two adult children.

Robertson’s mystery trilogy, the “Frost Chronicles,” follows Tom, an erstwhile businessman and immigrant Scotsman, as he travels to uncover mysteries he stumbles upon, from northern Michigan (Permafrost, 2012) to Boulder, Colorado (Mission, 2013), to New Orleans (Colorblind, 2106).

Scheduled for October 2019 publication, Robertson’s latest novel applies an alternate world premise and literary-thriller tinge to an underlying mystery. With appeal to fans of the previous books as well as readers new to Robertson’s work, Conclusion explores the nature of aging in society, in the context of a thriller that places two ordinary people in a race against time, revealing secrets and sinister forces in a remote wilderness.

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